Work Plan

The ECO-PROWINE project can be roughly divided in four main stages and logical steps that constitute the basis for the smooth implementation of the project:
  1. Adaptation of the LCA-LCC tool to the wine sector (WP2);
  2. Application and demonstration in pilot wineries (WP3);
  3. Definition of the process to obtain the “Sustainability Label” (WP4);
  4. Exploitation and market uptake (WP5).

On the background of these main stages, the project will be supported by general and horziontal activities that will be carried out throughout the project such as project management (WP 1) and EACI  dissemination activities (WP 6).

Work package 1:

Coordination will be implemented during the whole project duration. The aim of this WP is to ensure the timely project implementation, fulfill the goals and tasks set in the project plan and actively involve all the partners of the consortium

Work package 2:

A simplified LCA-LCC tool will be developed exclusively referring to the wine-making sector in order to cover the identified barriers regarding the lack of specific adaptations for the use of LCA in winemaking. A full comprehensive database of products and processes for wineries will be built up and kept updated in the course of the project and beyond.

Work package 3:

The first level of market uptake will be achieved through the application of the LCA-LCC tool by the involved wineries. National partners will involve pilot wineries and supply them a continuous coaching service for ensuring the smooth application. This demonstration phase will encourage further application.

Work package 4:

This WP will be devoted to the definition of the process to obtain the “Sustainability Label”, focusing on wineries that have successfully carried out the environmental improvement plan resulted from the LCA-LCC assessment. It will define a governance system suitable for the EU wine industry.

Work package 5:

This WP will be devoted to develop a detailed business plan for the exploitation and commercialization of the project results beyond the end of the project.

Work package 6:

This WP pays attention to the European dimension of market barriers and covers resources to contribute, upon request by the EACI, to common dissemination activities to increase synergies between, and the visibility of CIP-EIP- Eco-Innovation-supported projects. Activities in this WP are continuously implemented throughout all work phases of ECO-PROWINE.